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Accounting Services

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

Keeping accurate accounting records allows a business to be able to prepare your financial statements quickly and accurately, provide information to enable the control of cash in the business,provide management information to base business decisions on.You can rely on our accounting services.

Well kept records means tax saving

Well kept accounting records act as a reminder of a person’s deductible credits and expenses. It’s only by keeping correct records of business expenses that owners are able to proof various expenses that were incurred while carrying out business operations. By doing this, they are not forced to rely on memory. This means they only pay what is due, no more or less, as their records remind them of all the expenses they are entitled to claim against their income.

Good records shorten the length of time that an audit takes to be completed

If a business is chosen for audit, the business owner will be asked to produce the necessary backups to the info filed on the income tax return. Once the business operator has produced the right records, then the tax auditor will be able to examine the records provided and make a timely decision on the accuracy of those records. The auditor, will therefore spend less time at the business.

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